제목 Q. Ideal artist you wish to be.

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작성자 : Artist Kim,Hyun-Jung (ip:)

작성일 : 2017-08-29

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I’d like to be an artist who “scratches where it itches”

for the general crowd. In my personal opinion, great artists are

remembered and praised for their ability to express through

their artwork what the ordinary people weren’t able to exactly

speak what was on their mind. It further proves that is how I

would like to develop my career as an artist, to speak on behalf

of the ordinary person. Therefore, instead of being swayed by

my own thoughts or world, by paying close attention to current

events, I attempt to be an artist who can reciprocate with

society. Naturally, recent time’s movies, entertainment, art,

lecture, and current topic of the publishing world, which is,

communication or empathy were perhaps the trigger of my ideas.

Also, I wish to offer laughter through wittedness of my

work and I myself have been able to slowly cure my own

depression caused by scars from the past through working on

my artwork. Even if only one person is able to smile because

of my work, that for me will offer complete satisfaction.

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